Friday, December 12, 2008

Book club dinner anticipation

Somehow the morning got away from me. I have less time, read that as I took too long to figure out what to wear this morning than I expected.

I had to figure out what to wear to both work in and go out to dinner where there will be people wearing everything from evening gowns to jeans and sweaters. Guess which group I belong to?

If I were Nora of Nick and Nora I'd be in the other group and what's more I'd wear my evening gown to my office job - every day.

I chose a black turtleneck (nothing says evening dinner like a black turtleneck) and I've tucked it in my jeans. I notice the blouson effect was not just fabric slightly blousing over my jeans. Hmmmmmm, not a good look on me.

A cardigan won't work. I mean it'd hide that muffin top but it's too office-y and formula. I'm thinking a long knit scarf. Which makes no sense since it's 2 strips of knotted fabric than would hang at the front of my body (but does take the eye away from my, ye gawds, belly.) Red scarf it is.

It'll be a table of 6 middle aged women, who's gonna be looking?

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