Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Working in the coal mine and still no elves

Well Robitussen is better than Dayquil. I'm way less snotty right now. Still feeling icky but at least I can talk without coughing.

I started in on the living room. The room is swept and now I have to vacumn but having Shiva in the house poses a problem. She nearly has a heart attack when you vacumn so she needs to go outside. But if I send her outside and then vacumn she won't come back in tonight. And it's way too cold for her to stay out all night long. Soooooo, I'll do the kitchen, get all the dishes done, sweep and if I can hold out mop the floor.

I'm taking a break for a little while. I got too hot and have to cool down.

But I'll get alot of work done either way.


Donita Curioso said...

I think it's amazing that you can clean house while you're sick. I hope some of the elves you live with are pitching in. I'm glad the Robitussen is providing some relief.

I've got a buttload of work to do here before we have our Christmas Eve. When my elves get here I'm having them move furniture.

VO said...

Help is spotty. Gotta do what ya gotta do tho. It's good I'm not feverish, I just get really tired quickly.

This morning I'm feeling a little better so maybe I can power thru it.

VO said...

So powering thru it isn't exactly what's happening. I get out of breath too quickly. And then I start coughing.

BUT most of the kitchen floor is mopped.

I'll be damned if I do the dishes tho.

VO said...

Oh yeah, and there is a load of towels in the wash, the tub has been scrubbed as well.

The daughter picked up the bathroom and is going to finish up vaccuming the hall.

Donita Curioso said...

Good elves!

VO said...