Thursday, December 11, 2008

Inn-side get together

Last night me and the hub and the Nuff went down to an old haunt; the Inn. Specifically because an old friend was here from MN (with his gf) and the idea was to have a drink in honor of our friend MikeyB. This was a very small group of the old gang.

DougB was there (because PaulO is staying with him and he is part of our old group). PattyS showed up and so did GarthG. PattyS is the ex-wife of our old boss, and GarthG is our old bosses son. They were only related by marriage.

We did a lot of reminiscing as well as giving bare bones background to PaulO's gf.

We were a wild bunch in our day, we had lots of adventures together. Now as older middle agers we are our audience back in the day. Mikeyb was probably 35 when I met him, it's hard to believe he was in his 60's now. I still see him as younger than a stranger would probably view him. I guess I see most of us as younger than what we present on the exterior. I'm always surprised to see the older versions of us when we get together.

Certainly when we're telling war stories of our days/nights together we're all younger and prettier than we are now. None of us had gray hair, no illness, no deaths in our families, life was still filled with unknowns. Now we know more, there are still unknowns but some of the things we know now we didn't or we just didn't see them.

Mikey's wife is going to have a memorial after the holidays and our instructions are to show up and tell stories. This group won't have any trouble telling and acting out those stories.

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