Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bile, cramping all the day long

I was so sick yesterday it wasn't even funny. I threw up BILE! All day long. Into the night. I even had a fever. I had to call the doc to find out what I should do. I couldn't drink anything without throwing up.

Either I had food poisoning or some kind of gall bladder attack. I don't know, all I know is I was in a lot of pain because my belly (above my belly button, up by my ribs) was cramping something awful. And then I'd throw up. The husband asked me a few times if I wanted to go to Urgent Care but I felt so badly I told him no. I probably should have gone.

So far this morning I've had 3 sips of liquid and it's ok. Barely any cramping. No throwing up...yet.

I'm going to cancel my appt this morning. Since I didn't drink any of that Golytely I don't know if there is any stuff in my body or not. I haven't eaten since Tuesday and I did throw up everything that was in my belly but who knows what might be in my digestive tract.

But now I am pissed because I'm going to have to do the no eating thing again when I reschedule.

Yesterday I thought maybe I had food poisoning, last night I realized I had the same pain as I've been having on and off for the last few years only this was 100 times worse.

On a much brighter note: I got a call from the Derm. (in between throwing up sessions) and my mole is a benign mass. Yay.


Donita Curioso said...

Oh no! It does sound like a gall bladder problem. Very close to the same symptoms I experienced.

So, are you going to go to the doctor?

VO said...

Have you had your gall bladder out? Or have had trouble with it?

Donita Curioso said...

Oh yeah, it's gone. I found out that I had gall stones when I had an ultrasound when I was pregnant with Paige. I forgot about it until it started acting up almost two years later. I was sick for a week before they figured it out. Once they had the right diagnosis they stuck me in the hospital right away. At first they tried the laproscopic surgery but the stones were too big. They ended up cutting me open. Got a big ol' scar.

I had heard about people having digestive problems after gall bladder surgery but I haven't had a bit of trouble.

Donita Curioso said...

How are you feeling now? By the way, congratulations on your benign mass.

VO said...

Today I've been fine. I took a couple of sips of liquid this mornign that gave me very vague pain but nothing since then. I ate oatmeal for lunch and it's all good.

I haven't tried anything with fat in it tho.

Donita Curioso said...

Yep, fat is the thing that'll set it off if it's the gall bladder.

VO said...

I'm thinking I won't try to set it off. I really didn't like that. At all.