Friday, January 16, 2009

Off and alone for the evening

3 days off, I have 3 days off, nanner, nanner, nanner.  I am so happy my work gives us this holiday.

The family is out and about, the son is off to see a band in LA, the daughter is at a girlfriends and the hub is going to go play ukes.  (He was going to drive into OC but that plan went awry).  I thought I could knit and/or read with no distractions.  But lol, here I am posting, which technically is reading.  I don't get much home time all by myself so it's kind of nice when I do.  

My incision doesn't really hurt today.  It did yesterday.  Not bad just if I sat down on a chair that had no cushion it pulled the incision and hurt.  Or when I got in or out of the hubs truck, it's kind of tall for me.  Either I learned where not to sit today or it's just way better today...I'm just happy I didn't have any moments of Owie, owie, owie, damnit like I did yesterday. 

Ok, off to knit or something

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