Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dangerous results

At work I have this young friend.  She's 21.  A really good girl who is quirkly, funny, smart and generally when she is angst-ridden or has good news she comes to me to talk about it.  We chat about a lot of different subjects.  

Yesterday my phone was on my desk, sitting out for all the world to see the chewed up countenence.  She picked it up to examine it (laughing and pretty much in awe of the puppy who chews thru metal and could crack the glass of the screen).    My screen is slowly being erased like an Etch-a-Sketch screen.  Portions are completely blacked out.  It affects all views.  

This is sort of how I must read my messages:

To: VO

From: The daughter

Hey, I'd would like to go to p//k/////jus/////

and don't worry.  I will be fi//.//

That message could say anything!  I might be giving her permission to do something shocking if I just reply with OK.  You see how I might think missing text is dangerous. 

On a related note the photo I have on my phone desktop is a photo of my daughters henna tattoo on her belly.  Now as the black eats up the colored bytes of the desktop you cannot tell the girl in the photo is wearing clothes.  So it looks like porn on my phone.  Note to self: Change desktop photo.  

She offered up her old cell phone for me to use so I didn't have to keep trying to guess what letters are supposed to be in the message.  And she suggested my daughter might not want to look like porn on the phone desktop.  

See, my friend is generous and smart.

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