Monday, January 19, 2009

Stat update

Ya know, I'm wondering why I have to wait 2 wks to get my stitches out but the daughter (who has a worse wound) gets hers out in a week?

The daughters hand is all swollen and now you can see marks that were not there the night before. Places where the dog clamped down but didn't break the skin. She's got some discomfort that she didn't have last night. I can tell she is worried and I know she's in pain because she rarely complains about pain.

I'm sure it will get better and better every day. She has to go in tomorrow to have them check for infection. It's required, not because we think she has an infection.

I'm not sure how exactly she is going to do her 2 academic finals tomorrow. She can't write. Hopefully they will let her use a computer and peck for the letters. Maybe even give her some extra time.

Tomorrow is Barack O! yay.

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