Friday, January 9, 2009

A weekend goal and chili!

I have a plan for this weekend.  (gasp)

The old computer which used to die on a regular basis stopped dying on a regular basis AFTER I figured out the back side of it was clogged with dust.  There was no air exchange from the vent.  So it was turning itself off when it got too hot.

Smart computer - dumb operator.

Admittedly the old computer is slower than the new computer...but if I clean it off, get rid of a bunch of old stuff it should load faster.  And that would mean that 2 people could be on computers at the very same time.  Novel idea since we have wireless networking now.

I also have to hook up that second monitor and do all the networking AND then more than one person can be online.  

New topic: Chili

The husband has been saying he was going to make chili.  It never materialized.  He bought the stuff but never made it.

The most fabulous daughter and her girlfriends made chili tonight and it's yummy.  I would have liked some green chilis in it but a decision was made not to get chilis.  I love those green chilis.  My MIL used to make the best albondigas soup with those chilis.  No heat, just great flavor.  

They also made corn muffins.  Yum.

We all sat/stood in the kitchen eating chili.  Fun with the girls.

All 4 girls have been doing a lot of baking/cooking in the last few weeks.  I am loving it.  Mostly because they are having a lot of fun (I don't eat much of their baking, too sweet) but it's way fun to listen to them coordinate their efforts.  AND they clean up after themselves too!

I am so happy the kitchen has stayed CLEAN.  Everyone is doing their dishes after they use them.  Nothing in the sink!  Ok, so I washed the frying pan in the morning (they made dinner the night before).  It didn't get done for some reason so I just washed it so it didn't start a dirty thing in the sink filled with scummy water starts another.  No sirree.

And it's the weekend now! Yay.

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