Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh and it was chilly today too

The budget crisis here in California is scaring people. 2 furlough days a month can really eat into your $$$. 2 days doesn't seem like much unless you realize you only work 20 days out of each month. It's the talk of my place of employment.

It could leave you morose.

Today someone brought in these teeny avocados. A few of them were even ripe. I took a ripe one and ate it with the chili that the daughter made last night. It was yummy.

Speaking of chili. Last night I spent 31.00 on chili makings (a huge thing of ground beef) and stuff the daughter wanted to brownies. She and the girls made a big pot of it. Since I'd already eaten some Creme of Rice for dinner (I know, how weird is that?) I only took about a half portion of chili.

I got up this morning thinking I could take some for lunch and have some for dinner too when I saw there wasn't very much chili left. How could this be? I looked back:

All three girls ate chili, I ate 1/2 a portion. There should be enough for our entire family to have but the daughter gave the girls 1/2 of the chili in the pan. So I fed 2 families last night. Hmmmmmm. I guess the daughter doesn't know she used up all my money for the week with her feeding the neighborhood. Oh well. Later this week I can't eat anything (cuz of that damned test) so I guess I just chalk it up to feeding kids that made me a dinner, even if it was sort of expensive for my 1.5 portions. I was happy I had a homemade meal today for lunch.

But seeing what I spent of dinner, this video makes me really think. We have 1/2 an acre, maybe we could become farmers? We already have a lemon tree, an orange tree and our neighbor behind us allows her avocado tree to hang over into our yard.

I'm boring myself so I'm going to go do something.

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