Monday, January 19, 2009

Placid 3 day weekend

I haven't left the house except for once today during the last 3 days. There really wasn't a reason* for me to go out, everything that I'd want to do costs money so why go out?

I had that Noro yarn that I wanted to make a scarf from, so I did. I haven't bound it off yet, I can't decide if I should get another skein and add another foot to it or block it and hope I get another 6 inches out of it. I'm not sure how much it will stretch and still retain it's width at its current size. It's only 4.5 inches wide so I don't want to lose that. I only cast on 22 stitches because I was afraid I wouldn't have enough yarn. It's barely long enough as it is at 60 inches. Yesterday I decided to go by the yarn shop to find out if the yarn lady knew the potential stretch factor but figured she was closed on Sundays.

Wrong. I found out today when I DID venture out. She's closed on Mondays. D'oh! I drove out to Joannes (stupid bad selection of yarn, it sucks) and was able to find a neutral brown to make a 1.1 rib scarf for the son...who has been begging me for one. Spent 4.99. Hey, when you're on a budget ya do what you can.

I started the scarf today and I hope there is enough yarn! It was the only skein so I'm not exactly sure what I'll do if it's not enough.

My eyes wig out if I knit too long. I think it's fixing my eyes on one spot for a long time that tires them out and gives me weird double vision. So I mix it up with 20 mins of knitting, check the computer, go read some of my book, go back to knitting, repeat.

I'm so happy I had 3 days off. Wish I had 200.00 to go shopping or out to a nice lunch or something but I'll take being at home hanging out.

btw, Happy Inaguration Day Eve!

*Ok, I lied. I went out to Urgent Care last night for the daughters stitches. But that doesn't really count.


Donita Curioso said...

I spent the whole day in my jammies. I didn't plan it that way but I got going on a project and the day whizzed by. I'm letting it be ok because I was so busy on Saturday and Sunday.

Staying home does save money, doesn't it?

VO said...

Love jammy day.

LOL, staying at home for me doesn't save any money. I don't have any. Bwhahahaha.