Thursday, January 29, 2009

Golytely gag reflex

I am having a lot of trouble drinking that golytely stuff. It tastes bad and my throat is closing and I'm gagging. I've already thrown it up once as well.

I called the doc office and they said I could mix it with lemon Crystal Light. I sent the son. It's barely helping, I am still gagging.

They are not giving me any alternatives. Just to drink it and I'm really not sure I can.

July 2009: Thought I'd update this because I get a lot of hits on this post. To those of you who've googled Golytely there IS an alternative to that nasty stuff. Magnesium Citrate. It's pretty bad too but you drink less than the entire gallon of Golytely. There is also Halflytly; it's a half gallon of the Golytely. I didn't think it was *fair* that a friend of mine got the halflytely when just 4 months prior I had to have the whole freaking gallon.

Good luck, I hope whatever you have to drink it goes down easy (some people do find it easier than I did) and that the docs don't find any horrible stuff when you have your procedure. btw, the procedure is a breeze compared to the prep.


VO said...

Well, I did get an alternative but I can't leave the house to get it.

Citrate of Magnesia. I googled and basically heard it's not easy to swallow either.

I am never doing this again.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

If it's the same sulpherous-tasting stuff that I had to take, the best way is to just chug and follow with a large glass of water.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

Treat yourself to pancakes after your procedure.

Donita Curioso said...

I wish you luck. Try tapping your temples when you gag. It's a brain distraction.

VO said...

It's extremely salty and tastes like poison. It's not like I can talk myself out of gagging and throwing up.

I was supposed to drink a gallon of it. Not just a single glass.

I did do EFT (tapping) but that did not do anything. And I'm a huge believer in EFT.

It's been a bad day of gagging, throwing up, BAD raging headache, cramps and the expected result of drinking golytley.

I broke down into hysterical tears tonight. Poor husband.

Donita Curioso said...

Hey, that's what he's there for.

VO said...

I have to admit, he jumped up cuz I think I scared the crap out of him cuz I couldn't talk very coherently.