Friday, January 30, 2009

MIL chat

Now that my shitty ordeal is over (mostly) I'm feeling a lot better. I basically slept the day away waking at 4:30. I got up once or twice but not for long.

I think I dropped some weight from not eating and releasing everything in my body. I'm sure it will all come back when I can keep food in my belly. So far food has no appeal to me...thought it would but no.

I chatted with the MIL tonight. She's asking me to paint something for her door. Maybe a mural or something with a theme. I'm not sure if she wants the door painted or wants something to hang on the door. I don't know if she wants the outside done or the inside. She won't pick a theme either. She wants me to pick a theme. And then she will decorate the place with whatever theme I choose. Not sure how she will do that unless one of us goes out and buys her "theme" items to put all over.

You guys have any suggestions?

She wants to send out invitations to all of us to get us to spend 3 or 4 hours decorating her place. she also thinks she wants one of her bookcases in her room. I don't think there is room but she says there is. She also wanted to know what furniture we had that we were not using...I'm not sure why because she can't fit much in there.

During our conversation I laughed and she told me: Ohhhh, that's a dirty laugh. She's said that before to Donita and I associate that with her being out of her mind. She was mostly with it, she sounded thick tongued but she didn't go off into lala land so I am just kind of going with it.

I'm a little worried because she told me that she was making (or wanting to make?) something but she's sliding downhill and doesn't have the interest. she said, I used to love doing things like this and now I don't. I'm not sure what that means, sliding downhill. It could mean she's not with it enough to do those things again and when she tries she can't. Or it could mean she's lost interest in doing anything. I don't know.

Well, I am going back in to finish up my cat's paw lace panel. I'm almost done with that little portion.


Donita Curioso said...

Wow, the dirty laugh thing again. It is strange that she said she was going downhill and that she doesn't have any interest in finishing a project. I think that's something worth paying attention to. It could be she's just down after making that last move.

My suggestion for a theme- Those little wooden houses she had on her wall. that would look cute painted on a door. And she already has the accessories.

VO said...

Yeah, that going downhill comment worries me. She is a crafty queen so not having any interest is really not right.

but the whole door thing IS looking towards the future so there is that. The wooden house theme is a perfect theme. I am so loving that idea.

The dirty laugh thing is just plain weird. It makes me wonder if something in her past has something to do with the comment.

Billy Canary said...

You guys think too much. Could be off the cuff little comments.

VO said...

The trouble with boys is you guys don't necessarly hear the subtext. With women there is always subtext, always multiple layers to what is said. Always.

Donita Curioso said...

I think that's true. When my mom was sick she'd say things every once in a while that I dismissed, either because I didn't recognize it as something important or it made me uncomfortable and I felt better going into denial. I realized later, after she died, that she was trying to tell me something. I felt bad that I didn't listen. She wanted to share something with me and I blew her off.

If it is an off the cuff comment there's no harm in exploring it a little so you can know for sure. But if it isn't, if she's really got something important to say, then it would be wrong and selfish to brush it aside.

VO said...

The MIL has always said things to me that she does not say to the boys. She just looks at me differently, I'm not her kid and I'm also not a boy. She probably tells Pammmmm things too that she doesn't say the same way to the boys.

Or they just don't hear her the same way I do because I'm not her child.