Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lunch and exchanging gifts for the family

Speaking of the she was totally coherent.  Not a single whacky moment in all the hours we were with her.  I figured she'd just taken her meds when we got there and she got a second dose a few hours later.  Nothing, no hallucinations or slurriness.

We got to see Em.  A rare occurance.  A few weeks ago the MIL said to me (when I said we hadn't seen Em in months)  "Oh you know Em really depends on you guys."  Me and the daughter laughed and said, "No, she doesn't, she's very independent and she never calls us for help."  I guess the MIL thought we were hurt by that so she tried to make us feel better by saying, "Well, you know she knows you are always there for her so she is dependant upon you if she needs you."

Bwhahahaha.  I'm proud of the fact that my niece is so independent.  We're not hurt by her having her life.  When she has time or the inclination she joins us for dinner.  Usually tho she has concerts or (I assume) other things to do.  I do hope tho that if she ever does want company that she calls us.

Anywhooo, it was great seeing her even if it was only for a short while (she had a performance).  She ate lunch with us and we traded quick Christmas gifts.

The MIL seemed to like her gifts.  Probably the one that commanded the most attention was the large size font book (Fried Green Tomatos) that we gave her.  Mostly it commanded her attention because all of her other gifts went to her room in a bag, it didn't fit so she carried it on her lap until we sat in the library and she started reading it.  She also got a Starbucks card, 2 outfits, a puccini cd and a light up telephone that verbally announces calls.  

Oh, something else that piqued her interest....the movie theater room.  There is a big screen tv in there to watch movies.  She kept asking if we thought it was for the public (like families, etc) or if she decided to bring in a movie did we think she could come in there and watch?  I hope she does ask someone to help her get a movie started.  I can tell she misses a large screen tv.  

Perhaps daytime is better for her than nighttime?  She might be more rested during the day.

She was eager to get to dinner (even tho we ate lunch at about 2:30-3:00).  We left her at the dinner table waiting for Bulah.  Also, if she complains about the quietness of the dining room, don't believe it. It's loud and boisterous but she thinks it's quiet as a library and you can hear a pin drop (not that she can).  Today I also noticed that she had no idea there was a woman vaccuming right behind her, I could barely hear her over the vacumn.    The daughter turned to me and said "I don't think she can hear the vacumn."  The MIL kept telling me the story and frowned at me when I told her to speak louder.

That's the MIL report. 

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