Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sad me

I'm so bummed.  I lost my Christmas gift.  Today we spent time with the MIL and each of us got a card with a gift card inside.  Mine was in a card with the hubs card.  I was knitting so when the hub handed me the card I told him to open it.  I saw there were 2 cards and I kept knitting (although I did thank the BIL).

Then I went outside while everyone cleaned up the table so we could take the MIL upstairs.

I didn't think twice about the gift until we were driving home.  Asked the hub if he picked it up.  Nope he says.

I think it got thrown out with the trash.  I am so bummed.  I LIVE off of lattes so a gift card can buy me a few pounds of coffee.  I never (hardly ever) buy single drinks there, too expensive.  But pounds of coffee?  Yes, I absolutely must have that and purchase it as part of my diet.

So I'm really, really, really, really bummed.  

But I do thank the BIL for the gift and my family who offered up theirs to me.  (I declined them).  

What's funny is earlier in the day I said to the hub: "I'd hate to go somewhere where they were trading gifts and I was the only one who didn't get one."

Well, I got one, I just didn't get to take it home with me.  

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