Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am suffering (a tad dramatic I think)

Today I saw a black SUV that had pulled someone over.  Had police lights in the back and a spotlight on the front side.  Never seen an undercover SUV before.  (duh, it's undercover!)

At lunch I saw a gray SUV crash into a white compact.  They got out, looked at the dent, agreed to leave it alone and both drove away in different directions.

The girls are in the kitchen making fried rice for dinner.  Yum.  Love those cooking girls.  Nice to have a cooked meal!

I'm 1/2 way thru the newest Wally Lamb book.  I'm reading it too fast.  Book club isn't til the 3rd week in Feb (I think).  I need something else to read so I don't read it too early and forget the plot and characters.  

My mind is like a sieve.  See how I jumped from one thing to another? And none of it important either. 

Maybe it's because I'm bored?  I don't want to knit, I can't read Wally Lamb, I'm bored with Quicksilver at the moment.  Here's another random thing:  Both the Wally Lamb book and Quicksilver mention Papists.  How many books lately have you read that has the word Papist in it?  I know I should be working on my Nov bead journal page but nah, no inspiration and now I'm almost 3 months behind.

I need to sew up an apron for Olivia - a xmas gift. 

I want to make hairpin lace but I STILL haven't figured out what I can use for a loom.  I think of it and the thought goes out the window.

I must be suffering from ADD or something.


Donita Curioso said...

You are all over the place. I know how that is. It's that restless but bored thing. That's dangerous for me because sometimes I'll eat something instead of picking an activity. And then I'll still be bored. And restless.

VO said...

Yep, restless and bored. I don't generally eat when I'm in this state, I just jump from one thing to another trying to find something that is satisfactory.

It'll pass.