Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stat again!

First off I was not there for the actual incident.  I called to find out if the daughter had gotten her hair cut (she had) but they were on their way to Urgent Care.  

Urgent Care?  Why? I asked.  Because the daugher got bit by a dog in the parking lot of the local TJ's.  The hub was going to drop her off and then go back to the parking lot to find the guy and his vehicle full of dalmations.

Evidently she was next to the cab of the (small) truck that had 2 dalmations in the cab.  There were 4 in the back of the truck.  She was talking to her dad and her friend Jenny when the dog stuck his head out the open window and grabbed her hand.  No, she was not trying to pet or touch the dog.  Totally unprovoked.

She pulled back and has a good deep puncture wound right above the ring and middle finger of her right hand.  A tetnus shot and 4 stitches.  Antibiotics and no PE for a week.  

The hub didn't find the guy (although he does know the guys name but does not know where he lives).  I drove down to Urgent Care because the hub didn't leave a way for the daughter to pay for treatment and I thought they'd think it was weird to leave her there, even tho it's probably understandable.  It wasn't flowing blood but I could tell it was going to be stitches.

She was calm the entire time we were at Urgent Care.  Held in hand in betadine for 30 or so mins.  Got the tetnus shot, not even a flinch.  A little flinch as they gave her the shots to numb the hand.  She did not watch them stitch it, although I did.  Pretty interesting to see how to stich with a teeny curved needle and a hemostat.

Here she is as the doc is beginning to stitch her.  Taken by my cell.  

Kinda funny that both of us have stitches.  I have a measy 2 stitches and she has 4.  Lets hope nobody else in the family has to get stitches.  


Donita Curioso said...

Wow, that's pretty weird. I guess a good policy is to stay clear of any strange dogs. That truck was their territory. Did Bill ever track down the owner?

Wow, if I watched someone getting stitches, especially if it was my kid, I'd be passed out on the floor.

VO said...

I told the hub to call information and see if the guy was listed. He knows the guys name but doesn't know where he lives.

Found him! He was all apolgetic and says he knows exactly which dog it was...which is why he keeps her in the cab. She is apparently very protective of the truck. But it doesn't do any good if the window is down!

The good thing is the dog is up on all of her shots. So we will report his name and number so the daughter doesn't have to go thru rabies shots.

Looking at the actual wound all gaping was worse than watching him stitch it. And the daughter was so calm so that helped.