Sunday, January 25, 2009

Technically we've been legal for 23

Anniversary day. Today is 23 years. In June it will be 30 years together. It doesn't feel like I'm old enough to have spent almost 30 years with one person. How can that be?

The husband got me a little box of dark chocolate, some of my favorite ginger crackers and a bouquet of iris (one of my fave flowers and in my wedding bouquet). How sweet is that?

I didn't go shopping yesterday, engrossed in that damned lace knitting and then I was complaining about snot and blowing my nose every 5 mins. And that took over my world.

Speaking of taking over my world...tissues. We have some 7th generation tissue which makes me feel like we're going our part. From the website: Buying products made from recycled paper helps reduce the need for virgin wood pulp, which means more trees are left standing. Made from 100% recycled paper and whitened with an environmentally safe process, never with chemicals containing chlorine. No added dyes or fragrances.

100% recycled paper. Great. But it rips up my face, rips up the flesh around my nose if you have to blow your nose more than once a week. If you blow your nose 10 times in an HOUR you're gonna feel like you have blood dripping down your face not snot. It feels like you're reaming your face with an entire tree that has not been sanded. Exfoliation anyone?

So I resort to Kleenex with Aloe. To sooth my poor nose and face. AND I can get it in 3, yes 3 chic design colors!




Wow, those ARE designer colors!

Who knew that almost 30 years later the husband would still be nice enough to get gifts for the woman who echews recyling for designer colored boxes containing paper to wipe the snot off of her face?

Good times.


Donita Curioso said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I hope this economy turns around enough so that you guys can go to Hawaii or something for your 25th.

Those tissues with the lotion may be soft but they're not absorbent. They always seem to just smear the snot around instead of taking it away. If I'm at home I'll use the old baby blanket. So much softer and very absorbent. AND it comes in those same designer colors!

I hope you'll be snot-free very soon.

VO said...

Ha, Hawaii. Would entail flying and the hub doesn't do that.

The aloe tissues work fine for me. I just don't have any fabric things that I can bring myself to blow snot into. Isn't that funny?

Donita Curioso said...

No fly, eh? Then it's a cruise!!!!!

Hmm. You could make handkerchiefs for yourself out of some kind of soft fabric. Cut it in generous squares and hem them up. Then you'd have a soft fabric thing that is specially designated for receiving snot.

I haven't had a cold in a while but when I have one I can only stand to use tissues for about half a day.

VO said...

I don't normally have snot so it's not one of those things I think of unless I have snot. Ya know?

This is the first year in years that I've had so many snot issues. I'm almost thinking I might have developed some kind of allergy...cuz 2 of the 4 times I didn't feel badly just had snot flying out of my sneezing nose.

And if I HAVE developed allergies maybe I will have to invest in fabric!

Billy Canary said...

We could make a boat out of aloe tissues and sail to Hawaii and save enuff $ to buy a really cool uke. Hot Damn!

VO said...

Hot damn, you're creative! We can make a sail out of your leftover curtain shells! Let's sail!