Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blog eyecandy

I love this blog: Susan Hinckley, I've never commented ('cept in my mind) but she makes me laugh and she's got great wool eyecandy. I'm a lurker and can admit I am addicted to lurking really good craft blogs and it's a bonus if they can write well. She fits the bill perfectly.

I look at her stuff and realize I have some old wool sweaters all felted up...all I would need to do is purchase some floss. I have fought buying anything to add to my giant collection of craft stuff. Somewhere (in the barn maybe?) I have a giant bag of floss but I haven't seen it in years so maybe I tossed it or something?

Her art appeals to me because it's clever, it's tactile (wish I could hold one in my hands), it's design is exactly enough (always).

My bead journal project is 4 months behind...but almost always on my mind. Last years stuff was almost all solid beading and the 2 (of 6 so far) of this years are more multi-media. I need to put up photos of the 2 I have completed. I've thought about adding beads to some knitted piece and using that but I've been too engrossed (obsessed really) with knitting better and making things that are not bead related.

But Hinckley's format is very comfortable to me. Felting pictorially and then beading borders or enhancing portions of it. Faster than knitting (because I'm such a slow knitter) and frankly I can't do the fair isle knitting I'd like to do so using felted pieces cuts out a whole bunch of work for me.

I mean, I can totally see something like this piece I did last April in a felt version. Grrrr, I tried to upload the photo but Blogger wouldn't let me! Ok, NOW blogger lets me thru a different browser.

Hinckley tells a good story and I love her taking the time to scan and upload photos to emphasis her thoughts. Great creativity and very entertaining.

So hat's off to people who inspire me to do new things. I might be dragging on this years BJP but I think it's because I'm stuck because I so want to get some floss and play and can't justify the money I know I'd spend to get many different colors.

Maybe today I'll venture into the barn and see if I can find that floss. Wish me luck if I do! LOL, but first I have to go to lace knitting class. I'm so happy I completed one panel of cat's paw.

New Topic:
This last week was character building. My evidence (and I should mention I work full-time too):
* Wed last week: Threw up bile all day long, suspect gall bladder. Had to reschedule colonoscopy test.
* Sat: Decided to take BEGINNER lace knitting class. Yarn as big as embroidery floss. OMG.
* Sun: Ripped out the 3 inches of lace knitting - too many errors and it was just plain bad.
* Mon night: Knitted 2 inches and kept losing place in the chart, also kept dropping stitches til I could no longer figure out where they were dropped and how to fix it. Medium frustration level.
* Tue night: Completed 4 inches when I lost a bunch of stitches and it all ran to almost the bottom of the piece. Nearly cried and almost admitted lace was kicking my ass. High frustration level.
* Wed night: Broke down and bought lace knitting needles. Much easier to deal with the splitting teeny yarn that I suspect is really floss. Knitted 3 inches without problems.
* Thurs: started drinking vile concoction to start the poop purging for the rescheduled colonoscopy. Gagging, vomiting it back up, cramping something awful. Headache, cried, pooped, vomited, pooped, more hysterical crying. Totally defeated and got no knitting done.
* Fri: Procedure done! No polyps this time (was a little worried about that all week). Was put out during procedure, came home and slept until 4:30 p.m. Knitted like a fiend last night and got the entire cat's paw panel done. I think it's about 8 inches in length and maybe 12 inches in width. 53 stitches across.
* This morning: Counted the last row and am missing a stitch. Find the missing stitch where I missed a yarnover 2 rows down.

Am not unknitting it. Will ask the teacher to help me fix it when I go to class. Mad at myself for knitting too late in the night last night. If I'd waited til I was fresher this morning (and maybe less affected by the drug they gave me) I might not have this little problem. Or, hahaha, maybe I would.

Enough for this morning. Gotta run.


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